Victor Zucchi, our founder, came to this country from Italy as a young and talented artisan. Not long after his arrival to the United States he began working for local companies that specialized in religious art works, murals and mosaics. Realizing his passion and creative talent in the field of religious works he decided to venture out and start his own successful company in the early 1930’s. Through his efforts and relentless work ethic he built the business while serving the Catholic Community.

Edward Zucchi, Sr., the companies second generation, entered the family business full-time after fulfilling his military obligation as a member of the United States Navy in World War ll. With his vision and desire to continue to make the company grow he explored various other religious entities and grew Victor Zucchi & Son into a firm that became well-known for church interior renovations, liturgical works and church interior painting and decorating.

Edward Zucchi, Jr., the companies third generation, entered the family business full-time upon graduating from college. While working for Victor Zucchi & Son he realized the need to not only continue with the present course of the business but to also further expand the horizons of the company. It was at that time that the company began to expand into the construction of new church buildings, schools and other types of religious facilities.

Christopher Zucchi, the companies fourth generation and recent college graduate, has begun working full-time in the field learning the trade that has been passed down through several generations.

Eighty plus years and four generations later, Victor Zucchi & Son continues to enjoy its reputation for being well-known not-only for its renovations and painting/decorating work but also for its new construction projects across many religious communities.