Construction Management:

Victor Zucchi & Son provides Construction Management for churches that want to engage the services of an experienced contractor that will be responsible for managing the entire project on the churches behalf.

Our Construction Management service includes:

  • Pre-construction and Construction phases.
  • Assisting the church in engaging the design professionals, potential financiers, and other team members that will have important roles in the project.
  • Interacting with the design professionals during the design development and construction document phases.
  • Establishing a construction budget.
  • Value engineering for cost reduction.
  • Bidding/estimating.
  • Cost control measures.
  • Establishing the construction schedule.
  • Interacting with Building Department officials to obtain approvals and permits.
  • Engaging qualified subcontractors.
  • Providing full-time, on-site supervision of all construction related activities.
  • Obtaining all necessary inspections during construction and final certificate of occupancy.

General Contracting:

Victor Zucchi & Son can be engaged as the General Contractor for projects that are already designed and set up for competitive bidding or negotiation.

This traditional approach to building will include:

  • Interaction with the local Building Department to obtain permits.
  • Engaging qualified subcontractors.
  • Self-performing certain portions of the project with in-house craftsmen.
  • Providing full-time, on-site supervision of all construction related activities.
  • Obtaining all necessary inspections for final occupancy of the facility.

New Construction:

When a religious group decides to build a new facility for its congregation it’s always best to assemble a team of professionals to guide the process. The team shall consist of committee members, Clergy, Architect and Contractor with all parties working together to produce a quality, well-built facility that started with a vision. Victor Zrcchi & Son has the expertise to help navigate your church through the design-development stage, construct your new facility and hand over a completed project that can be enjoyed by your congregation for many years to come.


Often religious groups will find that renovating or adding on to their existing facility will serve the future needs of the congregation. Victor Zucchi & Son can help you maximize the use of your existing building, suggest various options for additions, evaluate your existing mechanical and electrical systems, suggest new materials that can be utilized to enhance the project and assemble a team of professionals to help make your dreams a reality.


For many years Victor Zucchi & Son has been well known for its painting and decorating services. Our skilled craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail and are always mindful of the environments in which they are working.

Our painting and decorating services include:

  • Plaster repair and restoration
  • Decorative and ornamental painting
  • Gilding
  • Woodwork refinishing
  • Mural restorations

Our specialized equipment eliminates the need for scaffolding and minimizes interferences with services.